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Child Protection/Equality Policy

Policy & Procedures

This policy was adopted at a meeting of the Committee of St. Malachy’s GAC Castledawson on the 12th December 2006 and is in force at all facilities and during all activities conducted under the control of St. Malachy’s GAC.

The Child Protection Policy seeks to support children’s development in ways, which will foster security, confidence and independence.

St Malachy’s GAC is a Child Friendly Club and is fully committed to safe guarding the well being of its members. Every individual in the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for each others rights, safety and welfare regardless of a persons religion, gender, age, race, or ability and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principals of St. Malachy’s GAC and the guidelines contained in the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport and the GAA ‘Code of Best Practice for Youth Sport’.


  • St. Malachy’s GAC believes young people have a lot to gain from sport. It is important that all young players are valued and are always treated with the highest level of respect. Their personal dignity and physical integrity are paramount and participation in sport should enable them to have fun, make friends and become better players.
  • St. Malachy’s GAC believes that a youth centered approach should be adopted by everyone involved in the promotion and development of Gaelic games at underage level.
  • St. Malachy’s GAC will ensure that all their players are protected and kept safe from harm while they are with the Club by mentors / coaches adhering to the guidelines outlined in the Club’s Child Protection Policy, the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport and the GAA ‘Code of Best Practice for Youth Sport’. .
  • St. Malachy’s GAC will ensure all team mentors are offered the opportunity to attend Child Protection Awareness training.
  • St. Malachy’s GAC will ensure that all team mentors and club members are well informed about Child Protection issues and that they are familiar with the club’s procedures for reporting concerns to the club’s designated officer (Chairperson of the Club). In the case of concerns against the designated officer concerns should be reported to the Secretary of the club.
  • St. Malachy’s GAC will promote co-operation with statutory agencies in response to Child Protection.
  • St. Malachy’s GAC will ensure all team mentors are offered the opportunity to obtain the appropriate level of coaching accreditation.
  • St. Malachy’s GAC will if appropriate take sanctions in the event of suspected / confirmed breaches of their Child Protection Policy as required.

St. Malachy’s Castledawson G.A.C. Equality Statement

  • St. Malachy’s GAC’s aim is that the composition of the club reflects that of the community
  • St. Malachy’s GAC will encourage people from all ethnic backgrounds to become involved with the club.
  • St. Malachy’s GAC’s membership is open to all persons regardless of age, gender, race, religion and ability, political opinion, martial status or sexual orientation.
  • Between men and women generally.
  • Between persons with a disability and persons without.
  • Between persons with dependants and persons without.
  • St. Malachy’s GAC permits all members over 18 years of age to vote, where possible.

The Role Of The Club

  • To ensure the designated officer (Club Chairperson) monitors and updates the Club’s Child Protection / Equity Policy where appropriate.
  • Ensure that appropriate insurance cover is in place to cover the activities of the club.
  • Will deal with any allegation of abuse in a sensitive and competent way through listening to and facilitating the child to tell about the problem.
  • Will investigate and record where necessary any allegation.
  • Keep records of action taken and inform the relevant authority.
  • Keep records of attendees at relevant courses.
  • Organise Child Protection Awareness training courses for its mentors / coaches.
  • Full documentation will be kept and it will be treated as confidential and held securely.