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Code Of Practice

We, the membership of St. Malachy's GAC Castledawson, have a duty to ensure that our club's reputation and standards are maintained at the highest level at all times. We hope that the introduction of a Code Of Practice for all our members will help us to move forward together and set an example for others to follow.


  1. Always remember that you represent St. Malachy's GAC Castledawson and wear your jersey with pride.
  2. Trust and show respect for your team mentors, acknowledge that they are human and will sometimes make mistakes.
  3. Try to make your team mates contribution as productive as possible by encouraging rather than criticising.
  4. Show respect for the referee and be aware that he/she is likely to respond unfavourably when criticised.
  5. Play hard but within the rules and don't react to intimidatory tactics from opponents.
  6. Refrain from using offensive language on the field of play; be aware that you act as role models for younger members.
  7. Win or lose graciously and congratulate your opponents with good grace. If you lose, don't blame the referee or anyone else
  8. Winning is the object of any game but remember: It's only a game. Enjoy your football/camogie - win, lose or draw
  9. Help to promote the game of football/camogie within the community and encourage others to join us.


  1. Always remember that you represent St. Malachy's GAC Castledawson.
  2. Respect all players under your care; all have a part to play.
  3. Promote understanding and mutual respect among players both on an individual and team basis.
  4. Encourage feedback from players, their views are important too.
  5. Ensure that each player understands what is expected of him/her.
  6. Destructive criticism does not result in improved performance. Players respond better to positive comments.
  7. Maintain good relations, despite the heat of battle, with opposing players and mentors.
  8. Respect the match officials and don't let bad decisions deflect you from running the team.
  9. Avoid using abusive or offensive language towards players in your charge. Such language diminishes your credibility.

Spectators and Officials

  1. Always remember that you are a member of St. Malachy's GAC. Castledawson, support the Club at all times.
  2. Support the committee, players and managers rather than criticise them. Motivate and encourage by praising.
  3. Referees are human and will make mistakes. Criticising them publicly achieves nothing.
  4. Respect the opposition and don't vilify opposing players or their managers.
  5. Foster good post-match relations with the opposition, remember they are our guests.
  6. Don't use foul or offensive language at matches. Be aware that children are present, show them good example.
  7. Slanging matches between spectators, officials, mentors and players are unacceptable. There are more civilised channels for pursuing disagreements.
The Management Committee of the club reserves the right to deal with breaches of discipline.