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YOU KNOW WHEN ..... - 14/11/2008

You Know Your a GAA/Rugby/Soccer Shaper When...

You wear white boots
You are the only guy with tanned legs on the team in April
You put gel in your hair before the game
You have bleached hair or a pony-tail
You have to get a hair cut before every match
You wear your collar up to your ears
You have at least one life threatening injury per game
You hang around outside the dressing room after a match (still togged out)
looking for people to tell you how good you played
You warm up looking into the crowd
You wear the latest range in thigh supports, knee bandages, etc when in
reality there's shag all wrong with you.
You sulk every time you lose, you blame the pitch, the wind, the sun, the
ball etc, if you miss a chance (above all it was not your fault)
You complain that the backs never play good ball to you (you are always a
forward because they score (backs get no glory), probably wing or corner
(because you can pick up a handy score there and also wave to the crowd))
and if the selectors knew anything (which they don't) they would make you
You insist on making yourself available for 2 championship matches on the
same day
You threaten to quit the team cause the manager won't pick your brother
You make your own speech in the dressing room after the captain and
mentors have made their speeches.
You leave in two soft dropped out of your hand....and you
complain of a shoulder injury when trying to puck out the next couple of